La Mucca (di Moschino)

‘La Muca (di Moschino)’ dress, made in luxurious natural cotton jersey, featuring a hand painted pure silk top and peacock feather belt, stylised and hand embellished. This dress is an offering to the glory of ‘La Mucca’ (the cow), and a tribute to Franco Moschino’s iconic ‘Cow’ dress. Cows love without asking for anything in return. Legends speak of a celestial cow called Surabhi, the mother of all cows, whose tail is made of peacock feathers.

Respected customers may order a certified copy of the original dress, made to their measurements. (Price upon request.)

Stylish, original and exclusive, the MANDALI MENDRILLA ATELIER collection is artistic flair at its best.

These garments, single pieces, designed and made to measure, for one person only, are the expressions of Mandali Mendrilla’s art.

The MANDALI MENDRILLA ATELIER collections are meditations.

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