Mandali Mendrilla is an award-winning artist and fashion designer, based in Belgium.

Since founding Atelier Mendrilla™ in 1995, Mandali has been pioneering Earth friendly and sustainable sculptural clothing.

Her critically acclaimed work was featured in museums and galleries around the world, including the China Art Museum in Shanghai, the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo at the Conde Duque in Madrid, as well as the Burning Man festival in the USA, Helsinki Fashion Week and Fashion Week Zagreb.

Mandali’s unique contribution to the design of garments is the concept of Yantra Couture™, a designing method exclusively practiced by Atelier Mendrilla, where ancient sciences, such as Vastu architecture and Ayurveda, are applied to sculptural garments.

Focusing on playful, creative mindfulness, with her work, Mandali aspires to promote a more holistic approach to fashion in particular and life in general.