Collections / Mandali and Me / 2009




‘Mandali and Me’ was premiered on the runway of the Zagreb Fashion Week, in November 2008, and partially displayed at the Burning Man festival in Nevada, USA.

The Mandali and Me collection is an art play with impressions of the designer’s life in the USA, where she had moved from Croatia, in 2006, and her frequent travels to India. It draws an essential human connection between the Indian kurt and the American T-shirt, both most common clothing items in respective countries, as well as between Pop Art and Pattachitra art. The T-shirt shaped kurtas, made of khadi cloth, were produced in Mumbai, in the facility founded by Mahatma Gandhi, and were hand painted by Mandali Mendrilla. The images depict impressions of the ancient festival called Ratha-Yatra originating from Puri, Orissa, India. A special interest is drawn to the renderings of the faces of the deities of Subhadra, Jagannatha and Baladeva that appear in the collection and that had become a popular t-shirt decoration item in the USA.


Zagreb Fashion Week S/S 2009


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