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Pt. I “Sun”



Pt. II “Moon”






Mandali Mendrilla presents her demi couture and sculptural couture collection “Fairytale of the Sun and Moon” at Toyota Fashion Week Zagreb. The collection unfolds in two parts. Part I invokes the energy of the sun through ‘Clouds and Paper Planes’ a ‘Festival in Rajasthan’
and a ‘Flute Player’. With ‘Clair de Lune’, moonlight descends on the runway and glows in nine one of a kind Yantra Couture (TM) garments featuring magnificent lotus themed hand embroidery produced 40 yeas ago in Vrindavan, India and meticulously preserved in the sanctum sanctorum of a Radha Krishna Temple, given to the designer to honour her offering 100 000 wishes collected in Shanghai to a living wish tree in the very place where the mentioned hand embroidery was produced.

The eighth dress named “Ivana”, was created to honour the memory of Ivana Popovic, a celebrated Croatian designer and artist, Mandali Mendrilla’s friend and inspiration, who passed away this year.

The gown that closes the show, ‘Padma I’, was created with revolutionary Timewaver information field technology.

Mandali Mendrilla extends her heartfelt gratitude to the Toyota Fashion Week Zagreb team, backstage, onstage and afterstage.
Runway Video Credits:

Director: Filip Cargonja
Producer: Madhu Van Paare

Backstage Video Credits:

Director: Filip Cargonja  Editing: Antonio Kracun


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