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‘Fashion is an industry where we can actually communicate sustainable values and encourage the younger generation to be aware and conscious of the decisions that they make every day. That spirituality is Mandali Mendrilla – it’s mindfulness that she focuses on. I actually cried at her fashion show. She had bells attached to the models legs and I can’t describe the powerful energy it created.’ Evelyn Mora, HFW Director, for Dezeen 

Runway Production: Helsinki Fashion Week
Styling: Reena Lakhani

Thank you: 

Helsinki Fashion Week
Stephanie Vrinda Sato
Aniyora Vegter
Vesna Mendrila
Vrindi Barriball
Jeanette Van Veen
Shyam-Nam Kasraei
Michalina Pabyanczyk

Featured embroidery pieces:

Sri Sri Radha Govinda mahaprasadam
Sri Sri Radha Londonisvara mahaprasadam

In the collection catalogue, viewers will find stories behind each exhibited item.

Download catalogue here: TIME COLLECTION CATALOGUE

In the TIME collection, the house of Mandali Mendrilla is reflecting the cyclical nature of time by exploring, in the design process, the Eastern science of Vastu architecture and its intuitive application to the crafting of sculptural couture garments.

In the process of creating the TIME collection, the house of Mandali Mendrilla is using the revolutionary information field technology apparatus, the TimeWaver; a new technology developed in Germany, to conceptualise designs most suitable to harness the energies of each day of the week.

Select garments in the TIME collection are enriched with the Biocrystal dust consisting of 16 crystals, as well as, silver and gold, this enhances the flow of energy in the body.

In 2014, Atelier Mendrilla introduced Yantra CoutureTM, intuitive custom designing. Yantra Couture is based on the designer’s intuitive use of the rules of Vastu architecture and specifically ancient Yantras, diagrams that harmonise energies in space and time which are the bases of sculptural couture patterns.

Such intuitive designing may be assisted by tools such as the TimeWaver. It is probably the first time in modern history a couture atelier attempted to use a scientifically constructed information field technology apparatus in order to extract information to create sculptural garments.

With the TIME collection, based on Yantra Couture designs integrating the Timewaver and Biocrystal technologies, Mandali Mendrilla hopes to inspire a more holistic approach to fashion in particular and life in general.

Runway movie production:

Director and videographer: Filip Gour
Assistant videographer: Neven Mendrila
Producer: Madhu Philip Van Paare

Gallery photo credits: Anna Semerdijev, Yasmine Diba, Claires

The foundation of the TimeWaver systems, how consciousness interacts with matter, are found in quantum physics and depth psychology. The connection between the two, according to the German physicist Burkhard Heim, is the Information Field. Since its foundation in 2007, TimeWaver has been constantly developing new systems and innovative concepts, and is engaged in research and advancement of Information Field science.

Biocrystal® composite is the ultimate scientific achievement created by combining nature and technology. This is done in order to respond to the needs of today’s people, to provide an active support to body energy renewal, and to help in achieving better quality of life.

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