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The MENDRILLA™ demi-couture capsule collection SILK AND COLORS is available upon request.

Each piece can be made to measure and custom dyed.

Play with peace silk and 8 beautiful natural shades.



The Silk and Colors collection comes in Mandali Mendrilla’s 8 pre selected custom designer colors.

As a conscious and personal label, we recognise many varieties of tastes and love the idea to offer our customers the chance to color their garment with their own, personal flavor.
When ordering a Silk and Colors garment, you may choose from all these wonderful natural dyes into which we can color the cloth for you before cutting and sewing, and make your garment even more yours.
Enjoy playing with colors! Or, as they say in India, during the traditional annual Festival of Colors – Holi Hai!

The Story

MENDRILLA™ is a conscious, sustainable, luxury label which produces limited editions of high end garments, with made to measure and custom color options.

SILK AND COLORS is a story about peace silk, a luxurious, comfortable, strong and durable cloth, crafted without killing silkworms, eco-friendly colors of India, sustainability, slow fashion and love. The pieces are internationally chic, timeless and carefully made to last.

On one of her yearly yoga retreats, Mandali visited the sacred village of Vrindavan, in India, where she met a cloth merchant who sells peace silk. She purchased several yards of peace silk and asked a local tailor to make a few essential pieces of clothing to her measures. In India, peace silk is called AHIMSA silk (‘ahimsa’ is a sanskrit word for ‘non-violence’ or ‘peace’).

Inspired by her silk pieces, the India experience, as well as life in New York and Amsterdam, she conceptualized SILK AND COLORS, a timeless, conscious, sustainable, yogic, peaceful and progressive collection, hoping to bring more peace and love into the world of style.

The collection is crafted in the cottage industry of Vrindavan, India and each exquisite piece is HAND FINISHED in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Each piece in the SILK AND COLORS collection can be made to measure and custom dyed on request, reminiscent of the HOLI Festival of Colors, which originated in Vrindavan, India. Customers can happily play with over 200 eco-friendly colors and be themselves part of the designing team, creating their own unique piece of Peace SILK AND COLORS.

Recently, Mandali Mendrilla pledged part of the profit of the SILK AND COLORS 14/15 collection to the Sandipani Muni school for girls in Vrindavan, India, run by the Food For Life Vrindavan Non-profit. Mandali has been visiting Vrindavan for her yearly yoga retreats since 2006.

“Our team is deeply touched and inspired by the work Food For Life Vrindavan and the Sandipani Muni School have done for its community. I have been visiting Vrindavan for many years, inspired by the sanctity of the atmosphere and its residents. Vrindavan, Radha and Krishna and the Vrajavasis, the residents of Vrindavan, have changed my heart forever and I am most grateful that our company can offer our contribution in supporting such an organization,“ says Mandali.

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