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2015/16 Wish Tree Dress Collection Celebration Edit by photographer Param P. Tomanec:




Welcome to the WISH TREE DRESS art project, creating a beautiful world together. The WISH TREE DRESS I is made of peace silk and handwritten happy thoughts tied to it as leaves.

The collection of cocktail dresses inspired by the art project was created in peace silk, pure silver thread, Swarovski, and Earth-friendly textile ink and was premiered at the Fashion Week in Zagreb, in 2015.

One of the dresses in the collection, the Happy III dress, was officially invited to appear in the Month of Design exhibition in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Click here to view exhibition images.

Runway Show Fashion Week Zagreb:




Everyone was invited to participate in the first edition of the WISH TREE DRESS with a promotional campaign launched on social media and the following message from the artist:


“I believe our thoughts shape our reality,

just like sculptors shape their sculptures.

I believe in the power of positive thinking

and that we can change our world for the better focusing our minds on

a beautiful world.

I believe in the concept of magical wish trees

and that by placing our desires under a wish tree,

the power of our good thoughts becomes greater.


The WISH TREE DRESS art project is an act of collective positive wishing

to contribute to creating a beautiful world.


I will write your thoughts on pieces of

peace silk and tie them on the dress as leaves.


The dress will travel the world and be exhibited for viewing and wishing.

Then you too will have a chance to write your desires on pieces of peace silk, and tie them to the dress.

You may also prepare your offering in another cloth medium prior to the exhibitions or Wishing Events.

Thank you in advance,

for giving me a chance to serve you with my art,

in our attempt

to create a beautiful world.” – Mandali


Wish Tree Dress I was offered to a genuine wish tree growing at the Kaliya Ghat in Vrindavan, India, on March 6th, 2016. In the photo, taken by Param P. Tomanec, Mandali Mendrilla places the dress on the tree, in a meditative mood



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