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For the “Space” collection, the house of Mandali Mendrilla is drawing upon the concepts of space and dimensionality, by continuing to apply the Eastern science of Vastu architecture, which lends itself to an intuitive application in order to craft the sculptural couture garments and accessories.

Each sculptural garment includes a physical structure of seams, stitches, dress structure, digital data and other fixtures which are visible to the human eye; additionally, the Space collection has another layer of an imperceptible energetic impression created by the designer through the mystical Yantra Couture method. 

The “Space” collection is part of the interactive performing art installation “Time and Space”. The first part, “Time” was premiered in 2019, at the sustainable Helsinki Fashion Week, as the runway presentation in the House of Nobility and its corresponding poetic catalogue. 

The “Time and Space” installation surrounds one with stories written in artistic visuals, poetry and prose which culminate in the sculpture that takes the form of a garment.

The “Space” collection, which has been crafted and completed on the physical plane has been transported and is premiered on the virtual plane with a special musical composition by Madhu Van Paare.

Mandali Mendrilla gently invites the viewers to discover the intricate stories, and create their own vision, thus imperceptibly adding to the story told by this unique collection. This year, Mandali Mendrilla is especially grateful to have collaborated with the 3D studio 3mbassy, in co-creating the final look in the “Space” collection. 

The “Space” digital runway show is dedicated to the memory of the late Goran Lelas, Mandali Mendrilla’s mentor in fashion design.

For the first time in history, digital garments designed by Atelier Mendrilla are incorporating blockchain technology with the LUKSO network. The digital couture garments and details of their making can be viewed in the Mandali Mendrilla showroom at

With the “Space “ collection, Mandali Mendrilla makes history by appearing in the world’s first completely digital 3D fashion week, Helsinki Fashion Week.

Runway Movie production: Helsinki Fashion Week / Digital Village

3D show production: Helsinki Fashion Week and Digital Village                                          Directed by: NDA Paris                                                                                                        Produced by: Soldats TV                                                                                                   Digital Sewing and Texturing by: Scotomalab                                                                      Music: “Chill Space”, Madhu Van Paare

Styling: Reena Lakhani

Thank you: Evelyn Mora, Marja Annunen, 3mbassy, Sonja Wakeman, Vesna Mendrila, Shyam-Nam Kasraei, Aniyora Vegter, Nanja Koster, Caroline Dussuel, Michalina Pabianczyk, Manorama Dasa, Jahnavi Harrison, Om – the peacock

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